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Special Programs

Vibri – Level

Explore: Piano |  Recorder  |  Vocals |  Ukulele


Discovering the right musical instrument can be an exciting journey for students aged 6 to 9. In our specially crafted Vibri-Level program, students are exposed to piano, recorder, vocals, and ukelele. This innovative program offers a holistic musical experience, helping students gain clarity on their instrument of choice. As they wrap up the program, our participants will have not just enjoyed the magic of music but will also have a solid grasp of its basics.

Plus, they’ll be able to play tunes on all four instruments with joy and confidence!

Group sizes range from a minimum of 2 students to a maximum of 6.

R330 p/m 

Vibri – Play

Explore: Sounds & Percussion instruments


For young enthusiasts between the ages of 4 and 6, displaying a keen interest in music, our Vibri-Play program is designed to provide a head start in basic music skills. Using percussion instruments, we introduce these budding musicians to fundamental musical concepts in a playful manner, aiming to instill a genuine love for music from the very beginning.

R220 p/m 

GBD Beginners Class:

Explore: Guitar |  Drums  |  Bass


Our GBD Beginners Class is tailored for those eager to delve into the world of music through guitar, bass, and drums. In these weekly 30-minute sessions, students are introduced to the basic techniques of each instrument, laying a strong foundation for their musical journey. Whether strumming the guitar, playing the bass, or keeping the beat on drums, this class provides an interactive and dynamic introduction to these instruments, setting the stage for a lifelong love of music.

R330 p/m